Sunday, May 15, 2011

WPGA Graduation Banquet - Teddy

Last night Neil and I attended the West Point Grey Academy Graduation Banquet for the 2011 graduating students held at the Westin Bayshore at the invitation of my brother, Ken.  His son, our nephew, Teddy, is graduating this year. 

There was a one hour pre-banquet reception in the foyer of the Stanley Park Pavilion with an endless supply of appetizers.  This was followed by the dinner banquet including a dessert buffet and chocolate fountain.

Teddy in his dark suit and tie

L to R: Ken (Dad), Chris (brother) and Neil (uncle)

The evening included an excellent, funny, "Toast to the Teachers" by Taylor Jones and Kyle Sia-Chan, and an outstanding power point presentation by Taylor Robins featuring pictures of each of the graduating students, alphabetically.  For each student, the presentation included their grad picture beside their baby picture, and pictures of them participating in various school activities.  Of course Teddy's featured a picture of him on the school soccer team.  The actual graduation ceremony and awards presentation will take place on June 16.

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